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General Info

When it comes to picking an academic writing company to help you with your essays, there is no shortage of choices. However, not all services are created equal. With that in mind, we took a look at, a writing service that offers essays, dissertations, research papers, and several other types of academic help. In order to determine whether they deliver on their promises, we evaluated their prices, their discount policy, the quality of their papers, the professionalism of their customer support team, and the user-friendliness of their website. Let us see how they fared.


The first thing we noticed is that there is no actual price listing. In fact, even the price calculator is basically useless because when you try to plug in a proposed deadline, nothing happens. In order to actually get a price quote, the user has to send an email. The website says a high school level paper costs $6/page, which if true would make it the cheapest price we have found so far. But, again, they make it as difficult as possible to figure this out. The website contains claims that certain papers with a 4-hour deadline can be completed for as little as $3, but this is either misleading or an outright falsehood.


Unlike the vast majority of writing service companies, does not offer a lifetime discount program that rewards customers based on the number of pages they order. They do offer you a $5 credit after you place your first order, but that money must be applied to future orders rather than going into your pocket, in contrast with other companies that simply deduct the cost from your order and let you keep the money. Also, they have an affiliate program that rewards customers for referring new customers to their services, although the way they word it makes no sense, which is a bad sign. If they cannot express themselves well on their website, how can a customer expect their essay writers to know what they are doing?


As is the case with all of the companies we review, we ordered the same types of papers so that we could compare the results. First, we ordered a 3-page paper with a 4-hour deadline to see if they would send it by the deadline. We did get it, but it was essentially a C+ paper. Very remedial writing, and the writer did not seem to have a very good understanding about the topic in spite of the company’s promises. But what was really surprising is that when we ordered a paper with a 5-day deadline, the writer failed to deliver in time and asked for an extension based on the excuse that they lost their Internet connection. While we can never prove or disprove this, we nonetheless found this to be highly suspicious. Instead of granting the extension (since there was really no point), we asked for a refund.

Customer Support

The customer support team is available 24/7 and can be reached via phone, Live Chat and email. The agents were one of the few bright sides of ordering from the company. We tested out their response time, and they always got back promptly. They were professional and polite. When our second paper did not arrive by the deadline, they apologized and tried to talk us into accepting a discount. When we insisted on getting our full refund, they complied without getting obnoxious. In past reviews, we have had to deal with really rude agents when requesting refunds, but it was not an issue with Nonetheless, the fact that we needed to resort to asking for a refund is not acceptable.


The website is easy enough to navigate and contains a comprehensive list of their services. They also have a lot of really useful blogs that contain writing tips and examples. Nonetheless, the fact that they do not offer a properly functioning price calculate is a huge mistake, especially since you have to jump through hoops to otherwise get a price quote.


  • Zero-Plagiarism
  • Money back guarantee (we can personally vouch for this)
  • Strict protection policy 
  • Safe payment system


They really do not mention a whole lot about their features. For instance, they do not offer any discounts beyond their affiliate program. We also have no clue about their revision policy, which is something that almost every other company is very clear about.


Unfortunately, aside from a sympathetic customer support team that promptly processed our refund request, there really are not a lot of positive things to say about The useless pricing calculator is unhelpful and the fact that you have to plug in personal information in order to get a price quote is not acceptable. While we can definitely conclude that is not a scam, it is clearly operated by incompetent management who are not entire sure how to operate a custom writing service company.

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