6DollarEssay.com Review

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6DollarEssay.com Review
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5.5 / 10
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As the name of the website indicates, 6DollarEssay.com really does offer essays for as little as six dollars. In spite of the claim that they deliver “top quality essay solutions” we find this extremely hard to believe if they are giving their writers such measly paychecks. Our review will either confirm our skepticism or will prove that low-priced services can still write high quality papers. 

We did some research to find out all we could about 6DollarEssay.com. One of the things we noticed is that while they do not provide a complete list of services, they certainly cover all of the essentials such as standard essays term papers, thesis papers, articles, dissertations, book reviews, and research papers. So unless you have a very specific niche assignment, there is a good chance that they can complete it.


This company has a pricing policy that is fairly unconventional. While the deadline and paper quality do factor in, the quality level is not based on academic level. Instead, customers choose between “standard” and “premium.” No matter which one you choose ($6 for standard or $8 for premium) you will still end up with a bargain. For students on a limited budget, this could definitely be a good thing. On the other hand, there is such thing as getting too much of a good deal, especially if the paper quality suffers. Most of the leading companies charge twice as much per page, but at least there is a strong chance that they will be reliable.

6DollarEssay.com Prices

It should be noted that the price per page on a 12 hour deadline (their shortest) is still only $22, which is far less than the industry average.


Aside from the fact that 6DollarEssay.com is legitimately the cheapest custom writing service in the industry, they also offer a 25% discount to all first-time customers. This lowers the cost to $4.50 per page, which seems so unbelievable. This is just another reason why we were intrigued when we ordered a custom paper. Take a look and see how they fared.


We ordered a 6 page paper with a 10 day deadline on the topic of crypto currencies. We gave the writer some material to incorporate into the paper and asked for 4 reputable sources. We got our paper by the deadline, but you were hoping for a miracle, you will be sorely disappointed. The quality (or lack thereof) was definitely reflected in the price. We have received some pretty terrible papers in the past, but 6DollarEssay.com takes the cake. We have no idea where the writer is from, but they clearly wrote the paper in their own language and then copied and pasted Google’s translation into English. Most of the content was pure nonsense. They did not even use our materials! Obviously they do not have an editing or proofreading department either. But even if they had, it is doubtful that they could have done anything to save this mess of an essay.

Customer Support

According to the website, 6DollarEssay.com customer support works 24/7 and can be reached by phone, chat or email. We normally contact the agents in order to test them out, but in this particular case we had a practical reason: we wanted our money back. The customer support agent clearly got the message, but ignored it! We did not have much luck getting a hold of them by phone either. Now we know why this company is considered one of the worst in the industry.

6DollarEssay.com Contacts


The one good thing we can say about 6DollarEssay.com is that they have a nice looking website that is user-friendly. However, we do not put much stock in their guarantees, especially based on our own experiences. It does not appear that their agents take their own policies very seriously.


Here are the guarantees that 6DollarEssay.com promises, although the reality of the situation is quite different: 

  • Revisions
  • Professional writers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Original, high quality content


Under normal circumstances, it would be a major advantage for a company to offer their services at low prices. We are sure 6DollarEssay.com is able to lure a lot of customers to their website, but based on the reviews we have read, none of them actually return.


Even if you are a budget-conscious student, we would recommend that you stay as far away from the 6DollarEssay.com website as possible. It is impossible for a company to pay their writers one or two dollars and expect them to deliver high quality papers, and based on our order as well as all of the reviews, there is universal agreement that they do not.

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